Neon Guide

Power Supply And Cord

Colour Guide 

Our colour pallet:

The 9 colours we at Neon Space offer: White, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Blue, Purple, Pink

RGB Multicolour

At an additional cost opt in for all 9 colours via the multicolour option we offer. Comes with an wireless remote with built in features such as fade, colour transitions and strobe.

Size Guide

Please refer to the general size guide with your order. Please note, this is only a guide. if you need further assistance please contact our team at

 How can I hang my sign?

1. Gently unpack your neon sign
2. You can install your neon against on surface from 1 of 3 recommended methods
     a) Use the mounting kit on the pre-drilled backing
     b) Use the chains kit provided
     c) Purchase 3m Command strips to stick and hang onto the wall (suitable for smaller and lighter neon signs)
3. Connect the optional dimmer
4. plug the neon to the power supply and transformer
5. All set! Let the light shine and enjoy!

Please Note: Large signs may be built in more than 1 parts dependant of design to protect the sign from snapping during shipment/installment.